The group vision

The future vision for the group is to further share the benefits of its wisdom, knowledge, brain power and enablement services for growth and optimisation, providing this help to a much wider pool of businesses and individuals. It will implement its vision in this way:

1. Within 3 years the Group aims to offer its Wellness, Style and Languages services to businesses (currently offered to individuals), to triple first year revenue, to double the headcount of highly selected staff (contractors), to have served 1K+ customers among B2C and B2B.

2. Within 5 years Evolution MCB Group aims to expand organically its range of services, widening its offer (for example, increasing Languages that are offered for services, which currently are only EN, SP, FR and IT).

3.  These objectives to implement the vision will be achieved by partnering up with, and/or contracting with the most promising global talent; by listening and learning from customers in a feedback loop-cycle; by growing the Group capabilities in parallel with those of its staff.

The Group e-commerce aims to connect retail end-clients with a highly selected small-number of professionals working in Wellness (to launch first), Style and Languages, focusing on quality vs quantity of our staff.