Evolutionmcb.com is a Site owned and operated by Evolution MCB Group Ltd, a micro-start-up registered in England at the end of 2020, owned 100% by gender, status and ethnic minority shareholders (according  to the definition of minorities to protect from discrimination in the UK Equality Act 2010). Evolution Wellness (mcb) is the brand of one of its B2C service streams and it is currently a Non-for-Profit venture, because we aim to maximise revenue for our Independent Contractors and delivered-value for their end-clients.

We do not manage our Contractors: we serve them with a wide range of long-term value benefits

(additionally to the short-term benefit of a generous remuneration for the service they deliver to end-clients).

Please read these terms and conditions carefully: all bookings and purchases of Services or Products on this Site are subject to them. Therefore, by booking and purchasing through this Site, you hereby agree to them.


Evolution Wellness (mcb) aims to provide high quality services to the purchasers of services on this Site, to help everyone to progress towards their goals with the objective of becoming their betters selves.

Evolution Wellness (mcb) aims also to empower the providers of the Services and Products on this Site (the Practitioners) by giving them the freedom to responsibly manage and lead themselves with the goal to build their personal name-brand in the way they choose to: A. by using this Site as a lab where they work independently on the advertisement of their offer and B. in positioning themselves in the market at the price point they choose (with the only exception of the Wellness services "At Your Time", which are optionally offered by the practitioners who choose to participate in those specific service offers, and which requires the same flat fee for all, and has been adjusted to the usual individual fees of our contractors); C. by collecting good evaluations with feedback forms to then show as testimonials; D. by investing in improving their offered services which they can refine thanks to a feedback loop-cycle that allows them to customise their offer according to the needs and preferences of whom they provide their Services to; E. by augmenting their online presence, as their purpose is helping more people with their offer, growing reach and customers base. (We recruited Independent Consultant who naturally have these objective, vs being us to impose these on them.)


All our Practitioners (meaning yoga teachers, cardio activity or fitness instructors and dietitians, who provide the Wellness services we are lunching as a first stream of B2C services of the Evolution MCB Group ) are highly selected among a significant number of applicants and they are all independent contractors: 

this means Evolution MCB Group Ltd does not manage the Practitioners and they are fully responsible about the information they provide in the description of their Services and eventual Products they may offer, as much as towards the H&S and wellbeing of their end-clients (patients, students of yoga and fitness-clients). We selected them, sampled background-checked their qualifications and experience and verified the ID all of them to guaranty their high quality of Service. However, they are ultimately responsible for what they declare in their personal profile, review content we propose and marketing material about themselves and their offer. 

Our practitioners allow all bookings under the booking form conditions and adapt the appointment to each client, to then refer you to the most appropriate colleague for future bookings (for example, if a woman in advanced pregnancy books a non-prenatal-yoga teacher, the teacher might adapt the class to meditation and pranayama and gentle stretching, and might refer her for future classes to more specialised colleagues).


By providing positive and constructive feedback to our Practitioners you help them to build their personal name-brand and to thrive in their profession, further establishing themselves in their field. This is very important for their long term financial independence and career, therefore you agree to support them by providing only sensitive, constructive or positive and prising comments in the feedback form about them.

No offensive or abusive language or disrespect will be tolerated, either on feedback than directly, and you agree to allow measures to protect our Practitioners from eventual racism or harassment by allowing them to monitor this through any means they deem suitable, including a secure internal cctv-like system for their online appointments. If offensive behaviour is unequivocally evidenced, you might not be allowed to participate in other sessions (or allowed on probe only under certain monitored conditions). 


All sessions, courses and pricing plans (promotions, combos, memberships, challenges) must be prepaid and your statutory consumer rights are protected by the Law of England which governs this eCommerce, also when a purchaser is based in another jurisdiction, country or trading zone. You agree to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

If a Practitioner (meaning yoga or cardio activity instructor, dietitian or chef cooking instructor) wants to offer more advantageous terms to cancellations and rescheduling than those mandated by the laws governing this eCommerce, they will state this on their personal pages and on personal T&C in the checkout forms.

(Please note that all cooking and exercise classes and relative holistic courses and retreats are leisure activities and all dieticians appointments are medical services).

Services in-person are currently provided mostly in public-parks, and each Practitioner who offers this has to ensure to have the eventually required licence to practice in the selected park (and the usually required public liability insurance according to local requirements to be licensed for exercise classes in public parks/places).

We inform our exercise Practitioners by means of emails and/or T&C that public liability insurance is aimed to protect their end-clients from the eventuality of financial damage due to injury to themselves or others while exercising with them, and other insurances are aimed to protect themselves from eventual financial damage (for example, professional indemnity to be protected from eventual claims arising from their advice, to be suggested to their end-clients to be voluntarily considered; critical illness and personal accident cover, in case they suffer injury during training; equipment cover, in case their equipment is lost, damaged, or stolen; cash insurance; business interruption; motor insurance. As for for everything else in life, the choice is wide and personal, plus, "insurances for exercising instructors do not work on the same premises as car insurance": e.g. "the risk of claims for insurance companies is minimal from a new instructor to an experienced one"). We invite all fitness and yoga instructors to seek independent advice about insurance types and providers.

At the moment we cannot process an enhanced DBS check for our staff based outside of the UK, which is a legal requirement to work with vulnerable people, under the Law of England and Wales that governs this Site: this is the reason why we ask you to declare in the booking form that you are not a vulnerable person when you book a session with Wellness practitioners who provide exercising activities (yoga and fitness). This is aimed to change over time. Not serving for exercises vulnerable people can not be misconstructed as discriminatory: it is a temporary enablement of our non-for-profit operations, in line with legal requirements. 

(We are researching if Registered Dietitians who are not based in the UK can work also with vulnerable people as their licence to practice and their registration in non-UK countries of residence requires equivalent checks to those of HCPC UK dietitians, therefore they can operate safely and lawfully also with vulnerable patients.)


For the year 2021 an 2022 the sale of Physical Products on this Site is permitted only without cross-border shipments (meaning within the same trade zone of the seller, without sales to be shipped to other trade zones, with tariffs to add).

The right to withdraw exists to allow you to examine the product in the same way as you would in a shop: not to give you 14 days free use. Therefore, to return a product and be given a refund you must not have used it nor opened the seal. When a refund is issued, admin costs (transaction fees, shipping) will not be refunded. (Returns do not apply to digital products as they are bound to services).


You agree to provide correct information about yourself, especially about your identity and medical conditions our Practitioners should know about, by filling out honestly and transparently the booking form (only the Wellness practitioners who you book can view these information. View our Privacy Policy for details).

You also agree to rise any event complaint with the Practitioner in point before to escalate it with us. We can consider a complaint about our Practitioners only if this is unequivocally evidenced (and the evidence will be passed to them, in the unlikely eventuality you submit some, so that they can have their opportunity to give their opinion about what you eventually might allege). This is to discourage eventual malicious complaints.

The information we display on the Site and the pricing and availability of Services and Products is provided entirely by the Practitioners who work with us and is subject to change without notice.

We try to make sure all information contained on our Site pages (and provided by us to you as part of any Services or Products) is correct, but, we do not accept any liability for any involuntary error or omission and exclude all liability for any action you (your legal representatives, heirs) may take or loss or injury you may suffer (direct or indirect including loss of pay, profit, opportunity or time, pain and suffering, any indirect, consequential or special loss, however arising) as a result of relying on any information on this web site or provided through any Service supplied by us to you through our Independent Contractors who you book.


You agree to declare that you will look after yourself during exercising, and you will avoid all exercise that is normally not in your practice and/or you do not feel comfortable doing (for example, avoiding yoga inverted poses such as head stands, unless it is in your usual practice; or not continuing an exercise if pregnant and not feeling well; or stopping an exercise if you feel some pain or discomfort). You agree to inform your yoga or fitness instructor if you have any injury or medical condition she/he should know about (you can find a list of these at https://www.evolutionmcb.com/health, together with other useful information to avoid/mitigate the risks that are inherent with exercising, especially if this is done online). Therefore, you also agree that your legal representatives and your heirs release waive, discharge and covenant, not to sue Evolution MCB Group Ltd and its Practitioners for any injury or other damage you might very improbably suffer during a session.


Evolution Wellness (mcb) reserves its right to change these terms and conditions from time to time and without notice. By browsing the Site you are accepting that you are bound by the current terms and conditions and that you accept these might change over time, and therefore you should check these as new versions supersede all previous agreements, understandings and representations relating to our T&C. Each Practitioner might have some own additional T&C, which do not subtract from any right given by law.

If we make material changes to these T&C, we will notify you here that it has been updated. If you are an exiting client, or a member, or an Independent Contractor working with us, and therefore we have your email, we will to make you are aware of eventual material changes to our T&C also via email. Changes and clarifications will take effect immediately upon their posting on the Site and email notifications.

By purchasing on our website you agree at checkout that that you've read and understood the above.