How and why it started

"I believe my daily exercise, mind-body and soul focus, and healthy diet, have been paramount for my strong physical and mental health and happiness, throughout my entire life. The pandemic showed me the impact on those who haven’t invested in these habits.

During the pandemic, I therefore started to reflect about what I could do to improve the lives of others who were suffering from physical or mental health struggles. I concluded I could bring more health, happiness, vitality and drive into the world if I was able to convert millions of suffering, stressed and time-constrained professionals to incorporate into their lives the habits that set me apart as a happy and fulfilled individual, even in the pandemic.

I in fact attribute my life long resilience - both to occasional sport injuries, and to frequent unpleasant change of living settings and economic conditions here in the UK - to a nutritious and tailored diet, spiritual & mindfulness practises and daily physical training (aimed at improving cardio endurance, strength, flexibility, balance, mobility, coordination).

By starting Evolution Wellness mcb I set the objective of bringing into the world more happiness and better quality of life through mind, body and soul health."

__ Cristina Brodu, founder of Evolution Wellness mcb

Next steps
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Next steps: looking for a Start Up Accelerator

"I am looking for a Start Up Accelerator that can help me to prepare to pitch in front to VC investors in early stage start ups: funding is in fact essential to build a new unique technical product, to move our current web-conferencing consultations with our Health and Fitness experts into VR (virtual reality immersive environments, without Avatars and with real video streaming).

Up to March 2022 there hasn't been yet an opportunity to benefit from mentorship, or to take part into an Accelerator, therefore the possibilities to improve, to be ready then ready to present in front to Angel or VC investors, are very limited. So for now I continue to work on my own on my registered Limited Company, trading as Evolution Wellness mcb, while I look for an Accelerator"

__ Cristina Brodu, small founder & owner of the Ltd trading with name Evolution Wellness mcb

(Sole point of contact with potential mentors and investors and sole person managing the Ltd) 


Our Founder

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Cristina Brodu

Founder of this non-for-profit, who humbly serves its team of top elite health and fitness experts (who work for profit) aiming to amplify their important impact of elevating the wellbeing of many end-clients

"I grew up in a island at less than 150km from the cost of Tunisia, therefore geographically closer to Africa than to Europe (except for a nearby French island) and my cultural upbringing reflects this: I knew since a early age that for me nothing in life comes out of entitlement and privilege. Therefore, I am used to make more sacrifices than others, and to overcome much bigger external barriers and glass ceilings career wise: especially the fact that the bar is set much higher for me, as I have to demonstrate significantly more achievements for having access to even the smallest opportunities that the most in Europe given for granted, as are usually obtained out of privilege rather then merit (especially for those seen as the "ruling class" of formerly colonising countries). This built up strong determination in my life, and a wish of servant leadership to improve the lives of others: especially of the most disadvantaged by the lottery of where they've born or must live.

My native land is also a Blue Zone: a location where people live longest. Even in this, there's nothing like a effortless blessing magic: the typical longevity of my region is due to our cultural lifestyle, as we are used to exercising daily and eating a nutritious and balanced diet. Of course over the centuries these habits benefited also our genetics, but the main effect on slow ageing is due to a commitment to living a healthy life, not to DNA (and admittedly, also to the influence of growing up viewing our peers in the streets and in the beaches sporting almost only athletic bodies, as summer cloths have to be worn 10 months per year). These habits proved paramount to stay healthy and happy even when during the most critical pandemic phases there was a physical and mental health crisis affecting the most, while I continued to live happy and healthy.

I started to think how I could impact the lives of others by influencing to embrace my "happy and healthy" lifestyle habits, to save many fellow human beings in this journey on earth from all the suffering they were going through, especially during lockdowns. My first step was to blog on the health and fitness platform MyFitnessPall, and encourage other users of the platform to exercise and eat healthy. The second step has been to start my own eCommerce platform, to provide high quality Health and Fitness services, to be delivered in live-streaming on Zoom or Teams. I then recruited at first 12 and then 24 top experts, to provide services in 3 areas of expertise which I consider paramount to be healthier, happier, younger, calmer, more energised and resilient in life:

these experts - who I have personally selected among 100s of applicants - offer you cardio and resistance training, mindbody experiences as yoga and meditation, and guidance for nutrition and diets, both for the healthy population and clinical cases, to address holistically the improvement of various health conditions, or help the healthy to stay so, and younger for longer. This is my first time in the Health and Fitness industry as a provider - through the experts who I recommend and feature here for bookings -  but as a consumer, I have 3 decades of experience."

__ Cristina Brodue, small founder and owner of the Ltd trading as Evolution Wellness mcb