Stephanie Daher

I have a master degree from the Lebanese University of Beyrouth, and I am a fully certified Pilates Trainer from Balanced Body University since 2012. I look forwards to help you achieve a general sense of wellbeing with my classes, because pilates will help you in finding mind and body balance, and with it vitality, a sense of wholeness and harmony


I am based in Beruit, Lebanon. If you are based elsewhere, or want to maximise time and avoid commuting, please view here my offer of Zoom live-streamed and interactive sessions.

LANGUAGES: I can guide you in my classes in Arabic, French and English

DISCOUNTS: I offer introductory classes for £10 GBP every Monday, Wednesday Friday at 5pm UK time (7pm Beyrouth time). If you ever wanted to try Pilates but you were not sure what it involved, join and see for yourself!

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Pilates Personal Training, 1:1, live-stream, 45 minutes

Price: £35 GBP ($46 USD circa)

This training will be personalised according to your preferences, circumstances and health & fitness objectives, which you can write on the booking form Comments.


When you are just starting as beginner all you need is a mat.

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Pilates, Introductory Group Classes, live-stream, 45 minutes

Price: £10 GBP ($11 USD  circa)

Have you ever wanted to try Pilates but you were not exactly sure what it involved and whether it would be suitable for you?

Join my beginners group classes and you will not regret!

Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 5pm UK time

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Pilates Course, 1:1, live-stream, 15 sessions of 45 minutes each in 5 weeks (2.25 hours per week)

Price: £400 GBP ($471 USD  circa)

Book the first session in this package by picking a time slot among those available on my calendar, which you can view when you tap Book Now. We can then agree together the time and days of the following sessions, after you checkout the 15 sessions package.

When you are beginner all you need is a mat.

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Will Pilates Help me to Lose Weight?

Because Pilates is a muscle strengthening form of exercise it can help you to trim and tone certain areas of your body especially your stomach, legs and buttocks. Classes can be tailored to offer either a gentle exercise program for providing core strength, flexibility and balance or a complete workout for a more rigorous exercise program.

What health benefits can I get from Pilates?

  • Muscle tone

  • Good posture

  • Flexibility

  • Improved balance

  • Reduced stress

  • Flat abdominal muscles

What equipment do I need?

When you are just starting all you need is a mat. When you become intermediate we can use in your classes: weights, stability ball, circle, elastic resistance bands, foam roller.

What are your qualifications to teach Pilates?

I have been teaching pilates for almost 10 years by now. I have a master degree from the Lebanese University of Beyrouth, and I am a fully certified pilates trainer from Balanced Body University since 2012. You can view here below some of my professional training certificates.