Sofía Bertolino

Dietitian registered in the United Kingdom

I am a Registered dietitian (HCPC) and part of the British Dietetics Association(BDA). I have  worked throughout my career as a clinical dietitian and private consultation. I always had a  strong passion for helping people find their identity in their diet and teaching my patients how  to use food as medicine to prevent and cure. Currently, I am in charge of the nutrition  department in a private hospital specialising in cancer and gastroenterology


LANGUAGES: my consultation can be both in English and Spanish

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Plant-Based Diet Workshop, 1:1, live-stream, Zoom, 45 minutes

Price: £70 GBP ($93 USD circa)

A plant-based diet and how it affects your body from the inside out.
You will have a personalized workshop to discover the benefits and how  the plant-based diet affects your health and your body. You will learn to eat in colours and how  those colours affect your body.


Plant-Based Meal Plan for Cancer, 1:1, live-stream, 4 consultations/hours

Price: £200 GBP ($264 USD circa)

A meal plan is designed in four phases to enhance cancer treatment, strengthen the body before  chemotherapy, anti-inflammatory, support the body during the treatment, and prevent and detoxify . It is a treatment that accompanies you from the beginning, adapting  to your needs, symptoms, increasing defences, and protecting the body with the necessary tools to  fight cancer. 
Plus: Supplement prescription according to the treatment 
Tip: Could be Flexitarian or 100% plant-based

Initial diet consultation with meal plan, 1:1, live-stream, 1 hour

Price: £90 GBP ($120 USD circa)

This first consultation via Zoom includes an assessment and a personalised meal plan, created accordingly to your specific circumstances and objectives

I offer time slots for consultations Monday to Saturday: tap on Time Slots to view my hours in your timezone and pick time and book.


Plant-Based Meal Plan for Gastrointestinal disease, 1:1, live-stream, 4 consultations/hours

Price: £200 GBP ($264 USD circa)

The plant-based meal plan has four phases to treat or prevent gastrointestinal conditions such as  IBS, SMA Syndrome, Fatty liver, etc. Also, diagnoses, food allergies and skin allergies caused by  food intolerance and allergies. 
Plus: Supplement prescription according to the treatment 
Tip: Could be Flexitarian or 100% plant-based


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