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Dietitians at-your-time

Diets aimed to meet your goals in sport, weight management and more

  • 1 hour
  • 70 British pounds
  • online (for in-person meetings see each dietitian page)

Service Description

HCPC Registered Dietitians available for private appointments, at a time decided by the clients, within the hours which each dietitian makes available. Offered online. IF YOU DO NOT FIND THE DIETITIAN OR SPECIALISM YOU ARE LOOKING FOR AT YOUR TIME: PLEASE CHECK EACH DIETITIAN APPOINTMENTS AT A REGULAR TIME. For each hour of the day there might be a few dietitians available (or none) and each client can select the dietitian who prefers: the list of all dietitians, with info about their diet specialism and access to dedicated pages for each of them, is at evolutionmcb.com/diet Price per hour varies according to qualifications and experience (starting at £30/hour for a nutritionist and at £60/hour for a HCPC Registered Dietitian, at higher rates for Doctors). The first appointment for new clients at a time of their choice can be booked at £70/hour with all. COUPONS Dietitians might offer different types of coupons: check their personal page to see if they have a code for first-time clients, or if they can be contacted to be provided a coupon for students, the unemployed, the elderly, children and the differently able (some might ask to prove the status). IN-PERSON APPOINTMENTS Dietitians clinical hours at regular schedule - delivered by some dietitians also in person in the area where they are based - can be found on the dedicated page for each of them, accessible from evolutionmcb.com/diet by clicking on the button "More and Booking" for each of them.


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