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Chef cooking classes at-your-time

Wide range of cuisines, vegan, healthy low calories cooking and more

  • 1 hour
  • 30 British pounds
  • online (for in-person kitchen see each instructor page)

Service Description

Global Cuisine Chef Classes: learn how to cook dishes from a wide range of national cuisines, from Indian to French, Italian, Japanese and South American, these classes focus on sharing decades of experience on customising traditional popular dishes to make them lighter and healthier, without renouncing to their delicious and typical taste. These are classes at a time decided by the student, within the hours that each chef teacher makes available. Offered online only. IF YOU DO NOT FIND THE CUISINE OR TEACHER YOU ARE LOOKING FOR AT YOUR TIME, CHECK EACH CHEF INSTRUCTOR CLASSES AT A REGULAR TIME, ACCESSIBLE FROM THEIR PERSONAL PAGE. For each hour of the day there might be a few chef teachers available (or none sometimes!) and each student can select the teacher who prefers (the list of the chef teachers with info about their cuisine and access to a dedicated page for each of them can be found at evolutionmcb.com/chefs). COUPONS Chef teachers might offer different types of coupons: check their personal page to see if they have a coupon code for first-time clients, or if they indicate in their personal page that they can be contacted for coupon for students, the unemployed, retired and children. FOR IN-PERSON CLASSES AND REGULAR SCHEDULE Cooking classes and courses at regular schedule can be found on the dedicated page for each chef instructor, accessible from evolutionmcb.com/chefs by clicking on the button "More and Booking" for each of them. Classes delivery details. For classes online: the participants have to buy their own ingredients according to the chef instructor. There might be less flexibility about the budget and dishes for online classes, as the chef will propose dishes and will cook online with the ingredients that has available the day of the class. Instructions about the ingredient will be provided 24 hours in advance, after agreement about what type of dishes the participant would like to learn to cook (e.g. plant food, vegan, meat and fish dishes, starters, mains, desserts) For classes to be delivered in person, which are offered by some chefs only: the chef will ask the participant/s to agree on the budget for the ingredients to use to prepare the class dishes, and pay for these additionally to the class, if brought to the lesson by the chef-coach. Otherwise the participants have to buy the ingredients by themselves before the class, according to the chef instructions (the shopping list will be for brand neutral ingredients)


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