Sarah Succar

Dietitian licenced in Lebanon

I am licensed to practice dietetics by the Lebanese Ministry of Health and I am a ISSA certified Elite Trainer. I use nutrition and exercise science as a mean to help you achieve better health and fitness outcomes. 
I have a BSc in Nutrition (Lebanese American University, Lebanon), a MSc in Athletics Development and Peak Performance (Southampton Solent University) and Elite Trainer certifications as a nutritionist coach, personal fitness trainer and corrective exercise specialist (International Sports Science Association)


Exercise programme, live-stream, 1 hour

Price: £70 GBP ($92 USD circa)

I assess various fitness components to create an Exercise program to address your specific fitness needs. You are then invited to book follow up appointments every 4 weeks (£70 GBP) to check progress and have a new exercise plan


Follow-up consultation, live-stream,1/2 hour

Price: £45 GBP ($60 USD circa)

After our first appointment for a diet plan or  exercising plan - which involve all the assessments and the creation of a first action plan - you are invited to book follow-up appointments to check your progress, discuss your questions, adjust your plan

Initial diet consultation with meal plan, live-stream, 1 hour

Price: £90 GBP ($120 USD circa)

I assess your nutritional status, health needs and discuss your health and fitness goals. Next, I create a 7 days diet plan, and you are invited to book follow up appointments every 2 weeks to check progress and adjust the plan


Nutrition Coaching Package, 1:1, Zoom, 10 hours/sessions in 4 months

Price: £400GBP ($529 USD circa)

My Nutrition Coaching Package can help you create new healthy habits to support a fit and healthy lifestyle. Together, we will build an action plan to break old patterns and build new ones.
You have to book here the 1st session and checkout the entire package. After your first session you'll be invited to book the follow up 9 sessions, 1 every 2 weeks, scheduling directly with me.