Rashmi Kedia

Hatha, Ashtanga Vinyasa, pre and post natal yoga

My classes for beginners to intermediate focus on all three fundamental elements of a complete yoga practice: body, breath and mind. We will practice asanas (postures) for flexibility, mobility, arms & legs strengthening, core training; breathing exercises; relaxation and meditation (click below on "Book Class" and "Book Course" for more details).

Former Chartered Accountant and Tax Consultant, I now wish to dedicate my life to yoga practice and share the knowledge creating a positive impact on others lives too.


How I can help you

My yoga classes are all online, please view my offer here to follow

LANGUAGES: all my classes are guided in English

DISCOUNTS: watch this space for future announcements!


Yoga at your choice, 1:1, on Zoom, 1 hour

Price: £30 GBP (£39 USD)

You can choose which one among these yoga classes you'd like to be delivered in a 1 hour 1:1 personalised yoga session with me in live-stream on Zoom:

  • Traditional Hatha yoga Sivananda

  • Vinyasa flow

  • Yoga sessions focussed on either leg stretching, back bending, or core strengthening.

All combined with pranayama, relaxation and meditation

Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 6am UK time

(tap on Book Now to book my hours in your timezone)

Yoga for all, open group, live-stream, 1 hour

Price: £10 GBP (£15 USD) per person

60 minutes sessions that combines asanas with pranayama, relaxation and meditation. Regular hours classes:

Monday to Saturday, 5am UK time

Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, 1pm UK time

(tap on Book Now to book the hours in your timezone)

Senior Yoga

Yoga for senior participants (50+ yo), live-stream, 1 hour

Price: £10 GBP ($14 USD) per person

60 minutes sessions for senior participants (50+ years old) that combines asanas with pranayama, relaxation and meditation. Regular hours classes:

Monday and Thursday, 1pm UK time

(tap on Book Now to book the hours in your timezone)

Prenatal Yoga, 1:1, live-stream, 1 hour

Price: £30 GBP (£39 USD)

These classes focussed on the most impactful yoga postures for the relevant trimesters, breathing exercises, and meditation practices to deal with the stress of pregnancy. The classes are designed to bring comfort to you during pregnancy, release stress and anxiety, and build confidence and strength

Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 6am UK time

Monday to Saturday, 10 am UK time

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Please leave a comment about the yoga sessions with me, you can write it on the form that you can access by taping on Comment

Yoga for me was the hardest thing to do but Rashmi has done a great job … she has helped me so much that I am able to connect through it so deeply … she is a great teacher and instructor. She has taught that yoga pose you avoid is the pose you need the most 😊😅 thanks ally Rashmi for giving me the platform and make me learn all the minute detail 😊 I have enjoyed this 3 day session by Rashmi. Earlier too I have had enjoyed yoga sessions but this was different as we have challenged daily something new with our body .. our body has so much of potential and Rashmi has taught us that how a normal person can start yoga and rock it ... all the postures and deep breathing was explained via zoom session to make our difficult postures so easy ... gonna join her again 😀😀 thank you so much for your time , so grateful to u 😍

Komal Monga Sachdeva

I was never very interested in yoga. I started with Rashmi's beginners yoga workshop. Rashmi makes yoga interesting. She not only demonstrate the asanas but also makes sure that the body alignment and postures are correct. If any asana is difficult to do then she will tell to the alternatate way for it. Her undivided attention to all the participants is amazing. Each and every session is structured in a way that it will give you maximum benefit starting from meditation to pranayam to asanas providing full body mobility. I am practicing yoga regularly with Rashmi and i am enjoying the journey so far....

Sushmita Nath

Rashmi is an excellent yoga trainer. She will focus on getting your posters and breathing right, so that you can get best of the benefits from yoga. I highly recommend joining her sessions

Rohit Khanna

Excellent yoga sessions! Rashmi is the best yoga coach!

Amy Lee

Rashmi is a genuinely passionate teacher well versed in her trade i.e Yoga and has helped me understand the well known benefits of practicing Yoga despite initial reluctance from my side . Her unwavering commitment towards the same is what truly inspires me. Her's is a very understanding method of imbibing Yoga as a Habit and as a Life Changing choice which was truly felt. I wish her all the Best to continue spreading awareness and good health.

Vipin Sharma

I have been doing yoga with Rashmi for a while. Ever since i started senior citizen yoga with her, I don't miss my practice even for a single day. I feel lot of difference in my life after starting yoga practice. I strongly recommend all of you to start yoga in your life. You can try Rashmi's online classes too. She is very good

Pushpa Chandna

Rashmi is really a passionate yoga teacher who works amazingly on you. I have taken her classes and really satisfied with the way she teaches.

Sonal Gupta

She is the most hardworking woman I have ever seen! Don’t shy away, call her and learn from her. She is not just gonna teach you yoga, but you’ll learn a lot about life just by observing her!

Chhavi Sahai

To start with a gratitude to Rashmi Kedia for gracing and imparting the knowledge and power of yoga to people around her. I had the opportunity to attend a 3 day workshop in May 2021 under her guidance and got a glimpse of something which can turn one inside out as it is profound, provided one commits to practice yoga daily and invest in one's well being. Few words for Rashmi: She is a dedicated teacher who combines theory and practicality of an asana. She is out there to make a positive difference and create a ripple effect into many lives through her calling. Best wishes to you and to all those who choose to take up Yoga as a way of life

Rajeshwari Kg