Ngozi Ivy Ojimba, UK registered Dietitian


NHS Dietitian, specialism in paediatrics, member of the UK Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) and British Dietetic Association (BDA)

I have always had a passion for health communication and care, that is evidence based and puts the individual first.  I have a diverse background, having worked both privately and in the NHS, as a registered dietitian, in London and Kent.  I also have vast experience learning about various diets, for adults and children, including vegan recipes, which can help for aiding balanced, plant-based diets.

I love to travel, and because of this, I have learned about different diets in various cultures from Africa, through Asia and Europe. My passion is helping people to improve their health and diets but without losing their culture and cultural heritage foods.

I provide services for both adults and children including basic assessments - Undiagnosed issues where you would like advice to improve your current diet plan/lifestyle / undiagnosed ailments that cause issue, e.g., GI complaints, ongoing tiredness

Specialist areas:

  • Child health – including introducing solids (weaning),

  • Plant based diets 

  • Ethnic diets 

  • Weight management advice - weight loss or weight gain

  • Food Allergies/intolerances

  • IBS – first line

  • Coeliac disease

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My packages and 'a la carte' consultations for diets and nutrition advice or education (NOTE: you can book a 30 minutes Follow Up only after a 1st 60 minutes consultation)

Please find here to follow my services that you can book here: once you select a time and day, and checkout your service-based e-commerce purchases, you can automatically log the details of the appointment with me in you calendar, and you will receive and email confirmation of booking and payment, with a link for joining the booked session with me on a Zoom meeting.