The group MISSION

The Evolution MCB Group's mission is to inspire and help to achieve growth objectives, by being a personal and business performance improvement magnet, advisor, coach, guide and enabler, for all the positive measurable change goals that are set to be achieved.

Sharing the experience and skills developed along a lifetime and across careers, the winning best practices already proved effective, helping others to benefit from the same: this is the contribute to the world the Evolution Group is delighted and honoured to provide.

Currently the Group offers its Wellness, Style and Languages services to individuals, and its Consulting services to SMEs, post-seed Start Ups and emerging consulting firms, to enhance the businesses that most need affordable and flexible advisory to thrive.

The group values

  • Inspiring & pursuing positive growth & development (Evolution!)

  • Integrity & Purity (behavioural and dress-code decency, honesty)

  • Trust & respect (equality beyond EA'10 & perceived social class)

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