Lea Farah

Dietitian licenced in Lebanon

Hello, I’m Lea Farah. I’m licensed to practice Dietetics by the Lebanese ministry of Health. I  graduated from USEK University with a degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics. I have professional experience with diabetic patients at Chronic Care center. I help my clients towards adopting healthier and more sustainable lifestyles in order to reach  their goals. 

Together, we’ll develop meal plans according to your preferences and help you adopt better  overall nutrition

Areas of expertise include: 

● Weight management 

● Type 2 Diabetes 

● Healthy Eating: children, adults, seniors 

● Heart Health : Hypertension, High cholesterol 

● Digestive Issues: Crohn’s, Ulcerative Colitis, Coeliac Disease 

● Women’s Health: PCOS, pregnancy, gestational diabetes


Follow up consultation, 1:1, live-stream, 1/4 hour

Price: £45 GBP ($59 USD circa)

15-20 minutes consultation:

  • evaluation of Current Progress 

  • modification and Improvement on Previous Lifestyle Plan, to adapt it to the client’s needs 

This appointment is to book 2 weeks after your initial diet consultation


Personalised Basic Meal plan (digital product that can be purchased after a consultation)

Price: £25 GBP ($33 USD circa)

The Basic meal plan is a 1-week meal plan included in all initial consultations: if you want a new meal plan in the follow up, or an extra one in your first consultation, you can purchase it here.


Initial diet consultation with meal plan, 1:1, live-stream, 1 hour

Price: £90 GBP ($120 USD circa)

This 60 minutes consultation includes:

∙ Nutrition Assessment 

∙ Personalized Lifestyle Plan that you can enjoy

∙ Tips for a Healthier Lifestyle 

∙ Answering All Your Questions for Meal substitutions


Weight Management Package, 3 sessions (1.5+ hours of live-stream consultations and daily support)

Price: £150 GBP ($198 USD circa)

This diet package includes:

  • 1 x initial online consultation (60 minutes) 

  • 2 x follow up online consultation (15-20 minutes) 

  • E-mails/Whatsapp support  

Information about the package: 

  • Gather information on client’s daily routine 

  • Check medical background 

  • Asses where slight modifications can be done 

  • Give customized meal plan  

  • Whatsapp or email daily support 


Personalised Detailed Meal Plan (digital product that can be purchased after a consultation)

Price: £45 GBP ($59 USD circa)

This detailed 1-week meal plan includes recommendations, recipes and ideas of meals, drinks and snacks.
This meal plan is not included in the initial consultation (which includes the basic meal plan only)