Jammal Mohammad

I will help you reach your goal in less than 4 weeks.

I’m an Elite Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor at Suleiman gym in Kano, Nigeria, with more than 5 years of experience. I am specialized in increasing your muscle mass and decreasing your body fat.

I deliver cardiovascular workouts ( HIIT, Circuit, Complex) that burn more than 400 calories in 30 min or less. I help people who don’t feel motivated to hit their desired goals.

I look forward to meet you at my classes!

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I'm based in Kano, Nigeria, where you can find me at the Suleiman Gym. If you live in another country or not nearby, or if you want to maximise your time (avoiding commutes), please book here my Zoom interactive sessions.

Please note: for the 1:1 sessions you can view my flexible available hours by taping Book Now. These are hours in which I can reschedule my commitments to prioritise your availability, for meeting on Zoom at the time you pick.

LANGUAGES: I can guide you in my training sessions in Arabic or in English, at your choice

DISCOUNTS: £90 GBP (120$ circa) for 4 1:1 PT sessions in 1 week: you can find on the e-store this package offer as much as the 12 week programme, both combined with a tailored exercise plan (digital product).

£18 GBP ($25 USD) 1:1 PT sessions for students: please use code JAM22 at checkout for this student offer


Personal Training, 1:1, live-stream, 1 hour

Price: £26 GBP ($35 USD circa)

As a personal trainer, I can include in your Exercising Plan:

- Strength and conditioning exercises
- Cardiovascular training (HIIT, Circuit, Complex, plyometric, ABS & Gluteus)
- Functional and Corrective exercises (ankle, knees, back, shoulders)
- Health exercises for specific medical conditions or life stages (diabetes, menopause, hypertension, obesity, for pregnant women and the elderly)

(tap Book Now to view the hours in your time zone and pick a time)

Private Group session or 1:1, live-stream, 1 hour

Price: £25 GBP ($33 USD circa). Bring a friend for free for a private small-group class, or attend 1:1.

Please indicate in the booking form what type of session you'd like to be delivered:

  • Strength and conditioning exercises

  • Cardiovascular exercises, choosing among: HIIT, Circuit, Complex, Plyometric, ABS and Gluteus

(tap Book Now to view the hours in your time zone and pick a time)


PT 1:1, 12 sessions in 1 month

Price: £265 GBP ($350 USD circa)

This is a 1 month package for training 3 times a week for 4 weeks. It's intense training that guarantees quick results.
The package is delivered 1:1 for 60 minutes per session.

For this multi-session package: please pick a time slot for the 1st session only in my calendar, which you can view in your timezone by taping Book Now. Once you purchase the plan we can then arrange the following 11 sessions time and days (I can reschedule some activities to accommodate your time preference)