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These trainers can be booked for cardio at a time of your choice  (within their available hours) and/or classes/courses at scheduled times proposed by them or you. Check 'Read More and Book' for each of them for details and to book their fitness services for you

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TRX, HIIT, Power Pilates and CrossTraining with Chrysa

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Cardio & Resistance HIIT, Abs & Glutes and PT with Marwan

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Corrective Exercising, PT and functional training with Moe

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 Certified Nutritionist #1

[Nutritional specialism to add, e.g. Vegan]

 Certified Nutritionist #2

[Nutritional specialism to add, e.g. Keto]

Experienced diet expert and nutritionist for: weight loss, sport performance, slow ageing, strong immune system, good skin, wellbeing

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Instructor for HIIT, TRX, Functional and CrossTraining, Pilates, Ballet

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5 years of experience in Greece and abroad, dance background

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My qualifications include a BSc in PEd and Sports Science AUTH

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Fitness instructor for regular classes available also for 1:1 personal training

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5 years of experience and post-secondary qualifications in Sports

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I also hold a BBA from La Sagesse University, focus in HR

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ACE Functional Training Specialist, PT and exercise physiologist

8 years of experience in fitness centres in Egypt and Saudi Arabia

I have Bachelor's degree in Health and PEd and Fitness


These are the classes and PT sessions hours in which these fitness trainers are available for online consultations. Starting hours are here displayed considering fitness classes that last 1 hour.
For a live timetable in your timezone and to book, please go to Book Now at the end of this page 

London timetable 
Tokyo and LA/SF timetable
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If your priority is to select who is available at the time you can liberate in your diary, click "Book Now": the available hours are visualised in your time zone, so you who can book by choosing who is available at the time that suits you best (please see the fitness trainers profiles for details about all their services)