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How do I book my live-streamed sessions when I buy a digital product that is bundled with services? (e.g. a  post-consultation diet plan)

There are 2 ways to book your 1st session included in the digital product packages in the e-Store:
1. You can request a unique code to book without extra charge on this platform, selecting a slot in the calendar of the expert you have to book. You can request a call-back if you need help with this option.
2. You can request a call-back so that we schedule the booking for you over the phone, telling you what times are available (as you do when you book over the phone an appointment in a health clinique)

For the eventually included follow up sessions you need to agree the time and days directly with the experts that you have to book.

Do you sell gift cards?

Yes, we have gift cards with a budget to spend towards the cost coverage of services and products that you purchase on the platform, and we have also gift cards for specific bundles of services (e.g. £90 to use either for a session with a dietitian and a diet plan, or 4 tailored 1:1 fitness training sessions, or 5 personalised 1:1 mind-body sessions of yoga, pilates or barre).
You can also write to us at to request a tailored gift card for a specific session, plan or workshop or other service of your choice: e.g. a gift card for a 6 weeks transformation programme with a fitness trainer, or for a 3 days mindfullness workshop, choosing a service that is offered on the platform

How do I book a multiple sessions service when there are no fixed days and times for its delivery?  

If a course or workshop or programme does not specify fixed dates it means that when you purchase the package of multiple sessions you book on our platform only the 1st session, in the calendar of the expert that supplies the service, and then you agrees the time and days of your follow up sessions directly with the expert that you boked, when you meet in livestreaming for the first session

Where do I find the livestreaming details?

When you book a session on this platform you receive an email with the livestreaming URL to use at the time that you booked for your session, and details about the session (or set of sessions). You can also log these details automatically on your calendar if you use Gmail. Finally, if you download the app you can see your bookings also there.
By default this is via Zoom, but after you book you can write to us to request a video conferencing alternative link for MS Teams, Skype, Webex, WhatsApp, Viber, Clubhouse or phone call if local.

Do you have an app to book?

Yes, if you prefer you can book and manage your services with us on the app (and access on it all the complimentary services that are included in the free subscription, such as the blog, the groups and forum, and the challanges).
When you attend your first session that you booked with our experts you can ask them about the app and they will tell you the name and the code to insert to activate it.

Please note that this platform is optimised also for mobile version, so if you want to save space in your phone you don't need to download an extra app to book with us. But if you like apps that prefer that option, it is available for bookings after the first one.