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Dominik Heinrich

Consultant and personal trainer 

I am privileged to coach  pilots, stroke patients and athletes from the sports of tennis, table tennis, football, swimming, ice hockey, figure skating, baseball and e-sports. They trust my work to support them on their journey towards better health, fitness and performance. In doing so, they have learned to utilise more of their brains and bodies potential to "excel and achieve extraordinary things". 

My qualifications:

- Certified Fitness Trainer (vetted*)

- Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach of the German Tennis Federation

- Austrian Tennis Committee Strength and Conditioning Coach

- Creator of Cognineuromotoric

- Certified clinical Psychoneuroimmunology Therapist 

- Master of clinical Psychoneuroimmunology 

- BSc (Sport & Event Management)

- Certified Life Kinetic Trainer

- Certified Life Kinetic PRO Trainer

- National certified Snowboard Instructor

- National certified Tennis Instructor

- Certified Kids & Youth Football Coach

- Certified Nutrition Trainer

- Lecturer at the Flexyfit Sportsacademy

[* = these titles are declared, only the 1st is vetted]


LANGUAGES: I can guide your sessions in English or in German, at your choice

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PT/Consultation, 1:1, live-stream on Zoom, 1 hour

Price: £70 GBP ($92 USD circa)

This is my approach for my 1:1 sessions that I deliver live online:

  • I put injury prevention, sustainable fitness and performance development first to enable long term and successful outcomes

  • Through cognitive neuromotor training we increase the performance of your brain and senses.

  • The focus of my work is quality-oriented training, which places the individual uniqueness of each body and brain at the centre.

We will create together an individual programme, tailored to your goals and needs, which can include:

- Cognineuromotoric

- Psychoneuroimmunology

- Preventive & Rehabilitative Fitness Training

- Nutritional coaching

- Strength and Conditioning

- Sports science consulting

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More about my work

In this video: a bootcamp for Plan-B, an organization whose goal is to promote an active and connected society of electronic sports in Austria. Testimonial from Plan-B: "After a quick theoretical briefing our male CS:GO team was taken outside for a few tests for coordination and flexibility. Dominik even showed them how they can prevent injuries, which is also a big part of Novaletic's philosophy. The team definitely enjoyed the tips and advice Dominik gave and in general they were pretty happy about the workshop so we’ll definitely be looking forward to further projects with Novaletic [the trading name of Dominik's fitness consultancy]"

In the pictures below: more about Dominik's approach to fitness consulting and personal training.


Please find here my vetted fitness trainer certificate and licence to trade in this field