Diet and Exercise Plans and consultations with Namirah

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These nutritionists can be booked for diet plans at a time of your choice  (within their available hours) and/or classes and courses at a scheduled time proposed by them. Click on 'More and Booking' for information about each of them and their services, and book today

Weight Loss Packages, Diet and Meal Plans with Shavina

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Coaching, Diet and Exercise Plans also for Athletes with Sarah 

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Clinical Nutritionist with a BSc in Food Nutrition and Dietetics

Member of the HCPC and of the British Dietetic Association (BDA)

Licensed to practice Dietetics by the Lebanese MOH, with BSc in Nutritions

Consultations about nutritional requirements, healthy lifestyle

BSc and MSc in Dietetics & Nutrition. 20 years of experience as a Dietitian

ISSA certified Elite Trainer and MSc in Athletics Peak Performance in the UK

Diet and Exercise Charts, nutrition guidelines, ongoing remote support

Weight Loss packages, Diet Plans, tailored nutritional advice, meal plans

I provide coaching, diet and exercise plans, also for professional athletes


These are the appointment hours in which the dietitians and the nutritionist are available for online consultations. Starting hours are here displayed considering appointments that last 1 hour.
For a live timetable in your timezone and to book, please go to Book Now at the end of this page 

London timetable 
Sydney timetable
Mumbai timetable 
New York timetable
Book by selecting a time and see who is available

If your priority is to select who is available at the time you can liberate in your diary, click "Book Now": the available hours are visualised in your time zone, so you who can book by choosing who is available at the time that suits you best (please see the dietitians and nutritionist's profiles for details on services)