Chrysa Tsoukla
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I’m a fitness instructor with a BSc in Physical Education and Sports Science, also certified as a Personal Trainer,  TRX, cross-training, corrective exercise, Yoga and Functional Training instructor.


In my 5 years in the fitness industry I have helped a significant number of people to achieve their goals with a healthier body, delivering sessions in Greece & abroad.

I see fitness not as a regular workout but as part of our lives, a lifestyle. So I look forward to meet you at my classes, and to discuss about the training and nutrition that can help you to achieve your goals

Personal Training

A private appointment that you can book within my available irregular hours 

I can work with you as a Personal Trainer and include in your exercising plan TRX, Cross-Training, Corrective Exercise, and Functional Training.

Book now by clicking "Book 1:1", then select my name and pick one of my irregular time slots!

Online appointments, to book within my regular classes hours.

I offer TRX, Cross-Training, Corrective Exercise, Power Pilates, Functional Training in regular class hours for groups and individuals. Group classes are £25 per person and 1:1 £40.

Please check my regular timetable at "Book Class".

TRX and other classes
Fitness coaching

Online appointments, to book within my regular hours to help you with fitness & health goals

I understand the difference between what you want and what you need to move forward towards the achievement of your personal health and fitness goals, and discuss with you what lifestyle changes in nutrition and exercising can help you for long term sustainable results.


SUMMER PLAN: for a limited time you can purchase 10 personal training sessions 1:1 at £250 in total, to save £150 in comparison to £400 full price for these.


COMBO PLAN: all clients can enjoy 10% off when booking 1 regular time fitness class (HIIT, TRX, Cross Fit, Pilates) together with 1 fitness coaching session 

Once you select one time slot and a day in my hours, at checkout select "Buy with pricing plan" to have access to these 2 offers (they are not cumulative) 

SUMMER COUPON: for a limited time, you can apply the coupon code CHRYS30 at checkout and pay each 1:1 personal training sessions £30 instead of £40/hour.

For instructions to apply a coupon, see button below.

Where I am based

I am based in Athens, Greece. At the moment all my training and coaching sessions are online. I will update you once I restart to train in a gym, so you know where you can find me for training in-person.

My qualifications

You can find here some abstracts of my university studies in Physical Education and Sport Sciences and also of some of my professional qualifications certificates, including in PT, Crosstraining and Functional Training.