Bhumika Hardiya, experienced yoga teacher

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Yoga therapist and instructor

I have been a yoga enthusiast for last 12 years and have been teaching yoga since 2017. I am a qualified yoga therapist and instructor. I have completed my masters degree, MSc in Yoga Therapy from SVYASA, University of Bengaluru, in 2021.

I participated in several international and national yoga events during the journey. I started yoga as a hobby and gradually became more curious about the mechanism behind every practice and its effect on the body. Therefore, I followed my passion for yoga and started learning the secrets for a healthy mind and body.

I want to share my experiences with everyone around me and empower everyone to ignite their inner guide through conscious exploration of the body, mind, and breath.

I aim to promote inner peace, gratitude, positivity, and self love within each individual.


How I can help you

I provide yoga classes and programmes in live-streaming via Zoom. Please see my services to book on this platform here to follow.

LANGUAGES: I can guide your yoga sessions in English and in Hindi

DISCOUNTS: watch this space for special offers to be made available in the near future!

Yoga at your choice, 1:1, on Zoom, 1 hour

Price: £30 GBP (£39 USD)

You can choose which one among these yoga classes you'd like to be delivered in a 1 hour 1:1 personalised yoga session with me in live-stream:

  • Hatha Yoga  

  • Vinyasa Flow  

  • Ashtanga yoga  

  • Body Scan Meditation  

  • Pranayama  

  • Breath work  

  • Restorative Yoga  

  • Chair Yoga  

  • Stretching  

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Shoulder Pain Relief programme, 1:1, on Zoom, 14 hours/days

Price: £110 GBP ($145 USD)

This program is a mixture of practices that will help us in building back muscle strength, help us to  manage back pain and to correct our body posture ,we’ll also learn the methods to avoid back injury and back pain due to daily lifestyle. 

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Stress Management with yoga Programme, 1:1, on Zoom, 18 hours/days

Price: £135 GBP ($148 USD)

In this program we’ll learn factors which are regulating stress, factors Which can influence stress and how Yoga can be very helpful tool in managing stress.

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Please find here to follow some of my evidenced credentials as a yoga teacher

The awarding ceremony of my MSc in Yoga therapies is here at (minute 2:42:20)