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Evolution MCB Group offers classes and services to help you in reaching your wellbeing, style and communication goals. Join us to move forward, taking the next steps to become your best self ! 

The Evolution MCB Group is managed by its core service stream: Evolution Consulting, which delivers management consulting and advisory services to business clients (B2B). 

We accept payments via bank cards and PayPal from this website. No-cash payments policy.  No-nudity policy (e.g. on photography and graphic design). Values: purity, integrity, respect.


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balance mind & body with yoga, stay fit with high intensity fitness classes, follow a personalised diet  

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photography with subjects styling, graphic design for personal branding, fashion personal shopper 

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lessons and Translations from and into french, Spanish, english, Italian. Holiday  plans, negotiating in local language  

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Stay safe, stay  healthy, continuously improve 

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